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MJP300-3150 4 AXIS ROBOT

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MJP300-3150 4 Axis robot

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MJP300-3150 4 Axis robot.

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Robot arm weight: 1750kgs.

Maximum payload: 300kgs.

Maximum reach: 3150mm.

Range of Motion J1: +/-180 deg.

Range of Motion J2: -45 deg to +85 deg.

Range of Motion J3: -100 deg to +20 deg.

Range of motion J4: +/-360 deg.

Max speed J1: 90 deg per/sec.

Max speed J2: 100 deg per/sec. 

Max speed J3: 100 deg per/sec.

Max speed J4: 190 deg per/sec.

Repeatability: 0.5mm.

Protection class: IP54.

Power rating: 12Kw.

Working temperature: 0-45 degrees C.


Type of Controller: DY200 Standard Specification.

Dimensions: 750mm long x 700mm wide x 950mm high.

Weight: 160kgs.

Power specification: Three-phase AC380V 50/60HZ.

Input-output signal: General signal - IO input 14, output 12.

Maximum output signal (Selection): IO input 2000, output 2000.

Drive unit: AC Servo drive.

Interface: Ethernet port 1 (Data transmission rate 100MBit/s). The communication cable interface of the teach pendant: 1

Protection class: IP54.

Electrified temperature: 0-45 degrees C.

Storage temperature: -10 deg C to +60 deg C.

Warranty: 12 months

Full Description

The MJP300-3150 is the largest 4 Axis robot in the range. It has a massive 3150mm reach and a maximum payload capacity of 300kgs.

This is an ideal robot for heavy handling and palletising operations. It has an eye catching design, few parts and a very high specification with outstanding movement speeds. The use of a high precision reducer ensures the overall accuracy of the robot.

An ideal robot to meet the speed and precision required in industry.