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Full Description

Double pick Box / Crate Gripper comprising;

  • Twin Sick Stegmann (POMAX) absolute linear encoders.
  • Joucomatic pnuematic slide cylinders,  valves and regulator unit.
  • Electrical sensors and wiring, wired back to a top mounted junction box.
  • Maximum pick width per pick assembly is approx 500mm, and pick length per pick assembly is approx 1200mm. The working depth of the rubberised pick fingers is  approx 270mm.
  • The overall size of the gripper is approx 1075mm wide x 1230 long x approx 705mm rom the bottom of the pick fingers to the mounting face for the robot mounting fabrication.
  • The current robot mounting fabrication is designed for a Fanuc 410i robot but this is removeable and can be replaced with other mounting fabrications.
  • The approximate weight of the gripper is 150kgs and a safe pick load would be in the region of 100kgs. (50kgs per slide assembly).