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Robot Hire


If perhaps you would prefer to hire a robot, maybe to replace an existing robot that is no longer commercially viable, especially on a short term contract, then hiring could be an option.

We normally have a selection of robots in stock, so if hiring is a possible solution then please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Tel: +44 (0)1582 401 911

Robot Cell Hire


We currently have in stock a bag palletising robot cell that is available on a hire contract basis for customers in the UK.

Hiring a robot cell instead of purchasing outright could be an ideal solution for you? Perhaps an affordable solution if you are considering venturing into automation but you do not want to commit to the initial investment required. Hiring would give you a manageable, cost effective way to improve your current production performance.

Robots are being used increasingly for palletising and handling operations as the offer improved performance, consistent quality levels and reduce the need for a least one operator for these ergnomically challenging and injury prone processes. Spare a thought for that person having to lift and stack these bags all day long! Robots will happily carry out these repetative lifting and manouvering tasks 24 hours a day 7 days a week without the risk of injury! Using robots for these applications will allow you to free up operators and reduce your manning levels.

The cell was developed by us for palletising bags of wood pellets. It consists of a 6 axis robot with a bag picking gripper, an in-feed conveyor, a control and safety system and the necessary safety guarding for the safe operation of the equipment. It incorporates two bag palletising stations so as to still be able to palletise bags in one station whilst unloading a full pallet and loading the next empty pallet in the second station.

The cell will palletise any bag size up to 120kg and consistently stack to an approximate height of 1.2 metres. It will place a bag on to the pallet approximately every 15 seconds. Initially we would carry out trials, here at Robotraders, with your product so as to assess and impliment any minor modifications that may be necessary for your application. We would expect the lead time to be around 4 to 6 weeks from order to installation. Once we are all happy that the cell is ready we will install and commission the equipment at your site, we will also carry out the necessary risk assessments and CE Marking. We will also carry out training for your operatives once the cell is functioning. Any maintenance or support required within the agreed contract will be carried out free of charge.. Modifications required for product changes or new product will need to be charged at an agreed rate.

As the end user of the equipment you will need to supply the necessary insurance cover for the equipment. Ownership of the equipment will remain with Robotraders Limited and a contract will need to be agreed. As the renter of the cell you will provide all staffing to operate the cell in a safe manner according to the instructions that will be supplied by us. No changes can be made to the equipment without our prior consent.

If you are interested in this hire option please contact us for commercial terms or for more information.