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Full Description

We currently have a Fanuc depalletising cell in stock. The cell was previously supplied for a bottle depalletising application but can also be used for palletising or depalletising other products that are suitable for a vacuum gripper application. The cell was manufactured in 2013 but has never been used in production as it went straight in to storage after the customer buy off! All of the equipment is in excellent condition with only limited try out hours. The cell comprises of the following features; 

  • A plinth mounted Fanuc R-2000iB 125L long reach robot fitted with a Piab controlled vacuum gripper for product handling. The gripper also has a vacuum slip sheet pick and 'blow off' facility and a mechanical pneumatically operated pallet pick and place mechanism. The robot is also fitted with a Basler industrial camera and light system for product inspection.
  • There are three low level pallet / product entry conveyor systems and three upper conveyors for pallet / slip sheet removal.These pallet entrance / exit systems are fitted with safety sensors and light guards to ensure a safe operator area. Each station has an operator push button control station.
  • Currently at the product out going end of the cell there is a product exit convejor and a reject product exit conveyor.
  • The cell has its own control system, control / electrical panel and an HMI station. The control system includes light guard muting and an air safety monitor system, a PC hub and an Ethernet hub.
  • There is also a Fortress interlocked personnel access gate for a safe controlled entry in to the cell.
  • All cables, pipes and hoses are included and there is also a quantity of perimeter safety guarding available.

This equipment is offered with a 6 months parts only warranty but we can supply a cost for any extended warranty requirement.Our price for this equipment is ex-works but we can supply a cost for shipping, installation and commissioning the system if required.